Oct 15

AWRA Colorado Section 2009 President’s Letter to Members

As I sit here in my office looking at the snow covered trees and buildings I am reminded of the unique place that Colorado is. The boys of summer were just finishing up a fine baseball season two weeks ago (albeit two weeks too soon) and here we are in winter again. This first big snow of the year coming only 6 months after the last big snow of last winter which many of us got to experience so enjoyably at our annual symposium last April. We will be back at Mt Vernon CC again this year on April 23, 2010 and can only hope that we see a little better weather and a strong turnout from the AWRA Colorado membership. The title of this year’s symposium is “Uncertainty and Future Management of Colorado’s Water Resources”. We are just starting to plan this event, so if you have ideas for presenters or topics please send them to me (wbattagl@usgs.gov) soon.

As some of you may know I served a 4-year term on the National AWRA’s board of directors and we had many discussions about how to make State sections more active and more supportive of the goals and objectives of this organization. Colorado was frequently held up as the standard for which other State sections should aspire. As I participated more frequently in AWRA Colorado events, I was truly impressed by the spirit of learning and giving that this section inspires. I hate to blow our own horn too loudly, but it is really impressive to me that year after year AWRA Colorado gives out more in scholarship funds to local students than does the national organization. We also get 30 to 50 people each month for our luncheon presentations. The topics of these presentations vary widely, but the attendance is always good indicating that AWRA Colorado members like to learn and be exposed to new ideas.

Finally, a word about our newest AWRA CO effort”: the Student/Professional Networking Event. We held this event on October 14th at the Breckenridge Brewery in Downtown Denver. By all measures it was a great success, with over 30 students and faculty and about a dozen professionals participating in a question and answer period followed by face-to-face networking. All of the feedback we have received has been positive and AWRA CO is already planning to repeat this event next year.

So enjoy the unique Colorado weather (I’ll bet we have not seen the last of fall yet) and great opportunities for learning about hydrology that AWRA CO provides. Hope to see you soon at either a Luncheon presentations or the annual symposium.

Bill Battaglin
U.S. Geological Survey, Research Hydrologist
President, American Water Resources Association – Colorado Section

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