Oct 25

AWRA Colorado Section 2010 President’s Letter

I have a confession to make: I have never been much of a “non-profit get involved” person. I won’t go into my excuses, but volunteering for committee work with the AWRA- Colorado Section was the best thing I could have done. It took some coaxing. “Just do it”, I would tell myself every morning when I got to work. “I don’t have time”, I would answer back. That was four years ago, and now I am honored to be your 2010/2011 Colorado Section President. Through my involvement with the Colorado Section, my eyes have opened to a whole new world, and I like it. Let me explain.

This organization has built such a vital and dynamic water community through the years. I can guarantee that by participating in our monthly lunch programs, you will meet someone of interest. Not only that, but you may learn something that will be of use to you in your professional career. You can also stay informed by surfing the articles posted on the AWRA website by our Newsletter Committee. Or spend a day with your AWRA friends on our annual field trip. We’ve done some great trips through the years, and this year Aurora Water gave us a tour of their Prairie Waters Project. We have another great trip in store for next year, but I will hold you in suspense until the time comes.

I am particularly excited to tell you about the latest event that we’ve added to our line-up. We held our Student/Professional Networking Event for the second time this fall. The event is put on by our Education Committee, and it gets professionals in water resource fields together with university students preparing for careers in water resources in a question/answer type setting. The event was born sitting around a table at My Brothers Bar and throwing ideas around (yes, there was beer involved). From that night, I got to watch good ideas, good planning, and great energy from Education Committee members come together to create something really worthwhile.

I cannot say enough about our Scholarship Program. Coordinated through our Scholarship Committee, this year we plan on awarding $10,000 in scholarships to four students obtaining bachelors and advanced degrees in water resources fields. This is a competitive program, and the recipients are required to present their work at our Annual Symposium. As many of you may know, the Annual Symposium is our signature event of the year. Mark your calendars for April 29, 2011. This year we will be discussing Colorado’s Water Agreements. There are many new developments on this front, and our goal is to bring together a program you won’t want to miss.

How does all this happen? Through the efforts of the AWRA – Colorado Section Board of Directors and committee members. I am grateful and fortunate to be able to work with such a group of dedicated volunteers. Don’t miss out – I hope to see you at our lunch meetings, annual symposium, and other events. Even volunteer on a committee or run for a Board position. Just do it – it’ll be worth your while, I promise.

Karen Wogsland
President, American Water Resources Association – Colorado Section

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