Nov 04

AWRA National Conference Announcement

AWRA 2008 Annual Water Resources Conference

Sheraton Hotel – New Orleans, Louisiana

November 17-20, 2008

This year’s AWRA National Conference will be held in New Orleans.  Technical sessions promise to be informative and thought provoking. They’ll cover topics as diverse as AWRA multi-disciplinary members. Keynote speakers will provide federal, state and local perspectives on New Orleans and coastal Louisiana water resources issues. In addition to some excellent optional technical field trips, including a tour of some of the areas ravaged by hurricane Katrina, there will be some opportunities for everyone to participate in the rebirth of this unique city. There will be an awards luncheon, student career night, and a Tuesday evening Fais Do-do that you will not want to miss!

Please send AWRA Colorado an abstract of your talk, or even your perspective on how it went when you get back.  We’ll be happy to post any pertinent water resources information that you learn while in New Orleans this year.  Check out the conference’s website:

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