Bios for 2016-2017 Board of Directors


Past President – Katie Melander

Katie Melander is a water resources engineer with Northern Water. She is involved with water rights investigations, operational modeling of the C-BT and Windy Gap Projects, climate change activities, and overseeing Northern Water’s engineering intern program. Katie graduated from Colorado State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Civil Engineering and a concentration in soil and water. Although born in San Diego, Katie has spent most of her life in Colorado. Between skiing, hiking, running, and other outdoor activities, she enjoys the many sunny days Colorado has to offer. Katie lives in North Denver with her husband, Erik and their energetic toddler.

President – Laurna Kaatz

Laurna Kaatz is the climate science, policy, and adaptation program manager for the Planning Division at Denver Water. Her primary responsibility is to coordinate climate investigations and implement the findings into the planning process. Laurna’s work incorporates many areas of water resource planning, including climate and drought planning, operational and water rights analysis, and long range integrated resource planning. Before her career at Denver Water, Laurna was a Professor of Physics at Sweet Briar College, and then went on to work as a climate science researcher with Aurora Water. Laurna has a Master’s degree in physics and a Bachelor’s in physics and mathematics.

President Elect – Dave Colvin

Dave is a Senior Project Manager for Leonard Rice Engineers, where he is also the Groundwater Team Leader and serves on the Board of Directors.  He is a collaborative, team-oriented Hydrogeologist with over 19 years of experience in groundwater services, water resources, project management, and environmental sciences.  He is responsible for coordinating and organizing teams of diverse subject matter experts and providing technical leadership to solve today’s water resource challenges.  His work focuses on innovative groundwater solutions including riverbank filtration, managed aquifer recharge (including aquifer storage and recovery), soil aquifer treatment, and groundwater modeling.  Dave has been the AWRA Colorado Outreach Committee Chair for two years and has served on the Board of Directors for 2015.  He has a B.S. in Geology from Syracuse University and an M.S. in Environmental Science and Engineering from Colorado School of Mines.  Dave is happiest while playing in the mountains with his wife and two daughters.

Vice President –Cristy Radabaugh

Cristy Radabaugh is a water resources/water rights engineer at Martin and Wood Water Consultants, Inc. in Golden, Colorado. She is directly involved with water resource analyses, changes of water rights, historical use analyses, design and implementation of augmentation plans, GIS applications, and expert testimony. She has been on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Section of AWRA since 2013 and is the out-going Treasurer for the Section.

Secretary – Jon George

Jon is a water resources engineer and a Principal at Bishop-Brogden Associates, Inc.  He has been a water resources consulting engineer since receiving a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Wyoming in 2003 and is a registered Professional Engineer in the States of Colorado and Wyoming. He initially developed a passion for water resources while working as a white water raft guide on the Arkansas and Colorado Rivers. His work includes helping Colorado water users to develop, manage and protect their water rights. Jon has been on the Board of Directors of the Colorado Section of the American Water Resources Association since 2014, and is a member of the American Council of Engineering Companies of Colorado and the American Society of Civil Engineers. Jon lives in Lakewood, with his wife and two young boys. When he is not working, Jon enjoys white water rafting, swimming, snowmobiling, and exploring the great outdoors with his family.

Treasurer – Lisa Wade

Lisa originally hails from Phoenix, AZ and earned her B.S. degree in Hydrology and Water Resources from the University of Arizona. She moved to Colorado in 2010 to pursue her masters in Civil Engineering at the University of Colorado in Boulder. Her research offered two new applications of statistical methods for tree-ring reconstruction of streamflow in the Lower Colorado River and the Gila River. These reconstructions were used to evaluate water supply risk for the entire Colorado River Basin. Lisa has developed hydrologic, hydraulic, reservoir operations, and water accounting models for basins ranging from Colorado to Morocco. Her passion is for Colorado water and providing robust technical information to ensure that our water resources are wisely managed. She works as a Water Resources Engineer with Wilson Water Group. In her spare time, Lisa enjoys hiking, skiing, dancing, and reading good books, especially of the science fiction variety.

Director At Large -Karlyn Armstrong

Karlyn Armstrong is a Water Resources Engineer for the Colorado Division of Water Resources where she reviews a variety of applications and referral requests for compliance with Water Court decrees, Colorado Revised Statutes and the rules, regulations and policies of the State Engineer.  When not reviewing applications and referrals, she provides support for the Division of Water Resources’ interface with the public and other groups. Karlyn holds an engineering degree from the Colorado School of Mines and an MPA from the University of Colorado, Denver.  Karlyn has been involved with the AWRA Education Committee since 2013 and is currently serving as a Director-At-Large on the AWRA Colorado Section Board. Outside of work, Karlyn be found hanging out with her husband and their two dogs, enjoying the outdoors, or volunteering.

Director At Large -Jeff Bandy

Mr. Bandy is a Water Resource Engineer with Denver Water focusing on water rights and water resources planning. Prior to joining Denver Water, he spent more than a decade as a consulting engineer with project experience in water supply planning, geographic information systems, hydrology, modeling, and water rights. He holds a BS and MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Jeff is currently serving as Director-At-Large on the AWRA Colorado Section Board since 2014 as well as on the Scholarship Committee since 2011.

Director At Large -Bill Battaglin

Bill is currently a Research Hydrologist for the U. S. Geological Survey in Lakewood, Colorado. Bill received a B.A. in Geology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, in 1984, and a M. E. in Geological Engineering, from the Colorado School of Mines, in 1992. He has work with various offices of the USGS since 1982. He has helped design and conduct numerous studies investigating the occurrence of pesticides and other contaminants in streams, reservoirs, groundwater, rain, and the air. He is currently working on investigations of the occurrence of contaminants of emerging concern in National Parks, the effects of pesticides on amphibian populations in North America, and the potential effects of climate change on Colorado snowpack. Bill has been an active member of AWRA since 1993, serving on several conference committees and the board of directors, publishing in JAWRA, and presenting papers at meetings. Bill was an AWRA National director, and served a 4-year term that ended in 2007. Bill was an AWRA Colorado Section director in 2005-2007, President-Elect in 2008, and President in 2009. Bill was the AWRA National President-Elect in 2011, President in 2012, and Past-President in 2013. Bill enjoys hiking, skiing, camping, ultimate, golf and just about anything else that can be enjoyed outdoors.

Director At Large -Tom Browning

As a Deputy Director of the CWCB, Tom coordinates efforts for the Integrated Water Resources staff. Areas of responsibility include stream and lake protection, water supply planning and watershed & flood protection. His position oversees instream flow water rights, Colorado’s Water Plan, IBCC support and Basin Roundtable efforts, the Statewide Water Supply Initiative (SWSI), WSRA grants, flood planning & recovery, water conservation, drought protection, climate studies, watershed restoration, and weather modification. He also focuses on management functions, agency operations, statewide water policies, strategic planning, and project negotiations. Tom is the State’s program manager for the Chatfield Reallocation project and serves as the current President of the Chatfield Reservoir Mitigation Company. Tom received his engineering degree from the University of Colorado (Boulder), with an emphasis in Applied Fluid Mechanics. He a registered Professional Engineer, and anticipates graduating this May with an MBA degree from Western Governors University. In 1995 he joined the CWCB and has 27 years of professional experience, including seven years in the private sector with two national consulting firms. Notable roles have included Chair of CASFM, Board of Directors seat for ASFPM, and officer seat for the Colorado Section of ASCE. Tom enjoys traveling, parenting, outdoor activities, fitness, and volunteer work.

Director At Large -Angela Schenk

Angela has been working in the water resources field since 2006.  She recently relocated to Glenwood Springs where she began working for Resource Engineering.  Angela has been directly involved in Interstate Compact litigation on the Arkansas, Republican, and Tongue Rivers.   In addition, she has been involved with the American Water Resources Association Colorado Section since 2010 and is currently serving as their vice president.  Angela earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Geology from the University of Colorado at Boulder.  When not at work, Angela enjoys spending time outdoors partaking in all of the wonderful activities Colorado has to offer with her husband and young son.

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