Oct 28

Produced Water Reuse Initiative 2014 – Denver, October 29 & 30th

Over the past few years, fracking has received a lot of interest from both industry and members of the public. Across the country, water and fracking are being discussed, but in arid and semiarid states like Colorado, the questions centered around fracking and water are elevated. Water is one of our most precious resources after all, and with the cost of water increasing, the value of water being produced from fracking operations and the cost of water needed to perform fracking operations can be substantial. One of the main questions that impacts parties on all sides of this issue is:

  • Can we put the produced water to beneficial use?

It’s no secret that the pressure to reuse produced water in tight oil and shale gas plays in the Rocky Mountains is increasing for multiple reasons, not the least of which is the potential economic benefit.

If you are interested in learning more about produced water reuse and cost-reduction strategies, a conference will be held in Denver next week – October 29th & 30th, 2014 centered around just this issue.

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The conference will include 18+ unique, operator-led case studies from various energy companies with a focus on examining:

  • Optimal water treatment
  • Storage and recycling strategies
  • Cost-effective water sourcing and disposal methods

“We’re looking for new technologies, new ways to treat our water. What we see is the technology changing rapidly. We want to stay at the forefront of that.” ~ Tyler Bittner, Engineering Manager at WPX Energy & Speaker at the Conference.

A full list of speakers, the agenda and registration information can be found at http://www.produced-water- reuse-rockies-2014.com. Author bio: Daria Giron, P.E. is a senior project manager with Enercon Services, Inc. and has over 18 years of experience with water resources projects and concerns along the Front Range. She will be attending the conference and providing updates via twitter for those interested but unable to attend.

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