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The 2016-2017 Academic Year recipients of the AWRA Colorado Section Rich Herbert Memorial Scholarship were selected from among an outstanding field of applicants.

Jordan Carroll, an MS candidate at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Department of Environmental Engineering (advised by Dr. Diane McKnight). Her research is entitled; Modeling the downstream transport of metals and applicability for remediation of acid mine drainage in Colorado’s high altitude river systems. This research will help to elucidate important hydrologic and biogeochemical processes relating to acid rock drainage. This research aims to better quantify and understand the transport of heavy metals and rare earth elements (REEs) in the acidic, metal-rich Snake River with solute transport models.

Kelsey Cody, a PhD candidate at the University of Colorado, Boulder, Environmental Studies Program (advised by Dr. Krister P. Andersson). His research is entitled; Institutional Adaptation, User-Governed Irrigation Systems, and Climate Change: the San Luis Valley of Colorado. His research will focus on the local institutions of irrigators in the San Luis Valley (SLV) of Colorado in order to better understand how rights, rules, and norms influence irrigation performance under climate change.

Kelsey Czyzyk, an MS student at Colorado State University, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department (advised by Dr. Jeffrey Niemann). Her research is entitled; Incorporating Channel Network Type in a Nonlinear Synthetic Unit Hydrograph. In her research, a semi-distributed model is used to examine the effect of channel network types on the synthetic instantaneous UH as a metric of hydrologic and helps overcome the limitations and uncertainties of existing synthetic UHs and more accurately predict flow rates.

Matthew Sparacino, an MS student at Colorado State University, Geosciences Department (advised by Dr. Sara Rathburn). His research is entitled; Effects of River Restoration on Surface Water-Groundwater Interactions, Upper Colorado River, Rocky Mountain National Park. This study will evaluate the effectiveness of channel restoration activities in Rocky Mountain National Park, given the basic assumption that hydrologic changes measured are related to the Colorado River channel realignment.

With these recipients, the Colorado Section of AWRA has awarded 89 scholarships since 1991 totaling over $169,000. The distribution of scholarships by degree is 44 to PhD students, 39 to MS/MA students, and 6 to BS students. By college, the distribution is 42 to Colorado State University, 21 to the University of Colorado, 23 to Colorado School of Mines, 2 to the University of Denver, and 1 to Western State College of Colorado. The scholarship fund is supported by member donations and by the proceeds of the Section’s Annual Symposium.

The Colorado Section has instituted recognition letters for scholarship donations of certain amounts. For scholarship donations over $1,000 recognition will be given in various forms including scholarship materials, the symposium and the website. For scholarship donations over $2,000 the scholarship will be named in the donor’s name.

Donations are appreciated anytime and are tax deductible. Donations can be made today at the symposium or anytime through our website!

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