SOP — Add Resumes To the Careers Page

Open the Careers page.

1. Switch to text mode in the editor.
2. Remove any old information under the line that has “Resume Postings” in it. When you delete information make sure to delete the “<li>” and “</li>” tags.
3. Paste in or type your text, select it, and click the button labeled “li” on the tool bar. The editor will add in the “<li>” at the beginning, and the “</li>” tag at the end.
4. The text you pasted should have a line that reads something like, “Joe’s resume can be viewed here.” If you don’t have a resume view line type one in the text between the “<li>” and “</li>” tags. I usually add them at the end of the text.
5. You now have to exit the editor to upload the resume.
6. Make sure that you click “Preview Changes” to look at the Careers page to see if it displays correctly. If it does click the “Update” button.
7. Click the Media -> Add New button in the sidebar. You can drag and drop the file or walk the file system to find it.
8. Click the Edit button on the line with the resume name listed. Copy the text in the field in the “File URL:” subsection.
9, Open the Career page again.
10. Switch to the visual mode in the editor.
11. Select the word “here” in the text, “resume can be viewed here.” Then click the “Insert/edit link” button in the toolbar. A window will open so that you can insert and configure a hyperlink to the resume. Paste the file URL text you copied into the “URL” field in the “Enter the destination URL” subsection. Click the Add Link button.
12. Now save the completed updated page. Click “Preview Changes” to look at the Careers page to see if it displays correctly and that the link works to display the resume. If it does click the “Update” button.

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