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Jan 12

Bark Beetle Impacts on Colorado Water Supplies, Jeff Lukas, Western Water Assessment

Bark beetle impacts on Colorado water supplies: Still waiting for the shoe to drop? Presented by Jeff Lukas, Associate Scientist, Western Water Assessment AWRA-Colorado January 2012 Meeting Summarized by Steve Smith, AWRA-CO Publications Committee Jeff Lukas gave a talk to the AWRA-Colorado Section regarding the impacts of the bark beetle on Colorado’s water supply. Jeff’s …

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Oct 13

AWRA 2008 Summer Tour

AWRA Summer Tour Pine Beetle Effects in Summit and Grand County August 8, 2008 The AWRA Colorado Section took its summer tour to Summit and Grand counties to witness firsthand the effects of the mountain pine beetle (Scolytidae) on Colorado’s Lodgepole Pine on August 8th. The tour started with a chartered bus ride up I-70 …

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