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The Groundwater Visibility Initiative

The Groundwater Visibility Initiative: Integrating Groundwater and Surface Water Management Workshop (#347)

April 28, 2016
Denver, Colorado

Examine the challenges — and successes — of managing the integration of groundwater and surface water in this one-day workshop being held jointly by NGWA and the American Water Resources Association (AWRA).

The interrelationship between groundwater and surface water is well established by science. Yet, institutions at all levels have struggled to effectively incorporate these concepts into laws, regulations, management, and planning. This one-day workshop will examines the challenges and successes of:

  • The conjunctive use of groundwater and surface water as a single resource
  • Groundwater as part of integrated water resources management
  • Effective consideration of groundwater in watershed management and planning.

All aspects of water availability and quality will be considered.

This interactive workshop will include panel presentations on three specific topics representing diverse views:

  • What are the major institutional impediments to conjunctive use and management of groundwater and surface water?

o    Bill Alley – “The Water Availability Myth and Other Impediments to Conjunctive Use”

o    Sharon Megdal – “Managed aquifer recharge as a practical mechanism to integrate surface water and groundwater management”

o    Jim Schneider – “Conjunctive management of groundwater and surface water in Nebraska”

  • How is groundwater used for adaptation and resilience?

o    Katharine Jacobs — “Groundwater, Climate Change, and Resilience”

o    Robert Mace, Ph.D. — “Drill, Baby, Drill: Groundwater as a Stepping Stone to Water Resource Sustainability”

o    John C. Tracy, Ph.D. — “Where Did the Groundwater Go Before We Pumped It? Aligning Hydroservice Benefits with Water Supply Infrastructure”

  • How do we build groundwater considerations into policies for agriculture, energy, environment, land-use planning, and urban development sectors?

o    John M. Stomp III, PE — “Albuquerque’s Development of a Groundwater Management Reserve”

o    Grant Davis — “Implementing California’s Sustainable Groundwater Management Act: Sonoma County’s Experience”

o    Ken Rainwater, Ph.D. — “Lessons Learned in the High Plains Where Agriculture and Energy Coexist”​

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